The fields also disparate journalism and technology have a common way to success in the digital era.

disparate journalism and technology

The fields also disparate journalism and technology have a common way to success in the digital era.


The digital revolution is transforming the relationship between consumers and businesses. Almost all business functions feel the effects, but conventional marketing relies directly on disturbance failures. The messages authorized by the brand still can not compete with the comments and criticisms of online customers, thus packaged and added on sites like Amazon, in terms of authenticity. Online comments, even promise to infiltrate the commercial physics experiment: for example. The shelves of Amazon’s new brick and mortar bookstores proudly showcase high-quality stock ratings.

The marketers who face the forecasts also reflect the current state of journalism, as detailed in our new e-book Power is everywhere. Traders are not very different in many large companies, the media are both valued by their users and strive to maintain while struggling against competitors by digital means. In this way, independent news of defense supplement the gap left by traditional media, as they have reduced capacity and content in the 21st century.

At the same time, there are opportunities that the media and traditional marketing are beginning to open themselves. The key to continued success is that, contrary to myth, public authorities with digital payment for the content they find useful and useful. The Washington Post and The New York Times are the most striking examples; Both greatly increased subscriptions and revenues, as they have focused on value-added information to opposition to Donald Trump. But the amplification effect of online communities is of particular importance to small competitors seeking to level the playing field. Non-traditional media such as have dominated the strategy of echoing their messages and for receiving communities. Although online social capital is cheaper than print advertising and television, it requires a qualified and committed talent, which is not free either. But the potential is huge return on investment.

A Tip: Finding Your Ambassadors

There are several years, we read that Microsoft has actively analyzed user forum software research for 1,000 people who always offer good advice. In other words, the company built a network of large users who had credibility among their peers. Some time later, we went to a forum of this type and wondered about free software for photo editing. One of the people who wrote directly with us identified us as a Microsoft “ambassador” and offered one of the company’s free software solutions. It has worked. Meanwhile, Microsoft has expanded its ambassador to the school program. One of our MBA students at the Rotterdam School of Management who helped manage the program explained the benefits to the participants. These include priority access to new software, meetings with entrepreneurs and developers, as well as useful work skills. Microsoft has benefited greatly. When the program began, it was one of the most hated firms in the world. (Around us, we searched the term “Microsoft hatred” and accounted for 33 million hits. Bill Gates literally cried for his public image at a high-level company meeting.)

Society now seems clearly despised. One reason is that their ambassadors have solved many customer issues as they have done for us. A second reason is that when the ambassadors could not solve a problem, they informed the company, which has often compromised resources to solve it. The recent acquisition of the Microsoft Online Community LinkedIn platform takes this strategy much further.

Media companies that adopt similar strategies – identify committed users, participate in the mission of the company and treat them as partners, not tools – have a better chance of prosperity. is a leading online communication medium for developing your own commitment platform. And in the US, Oye is emerging as a leader with platform solutions available on the site.

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