E-government initiatives in India

E-government initiatives in India

E-government initiatives in India


The National eGovernment Plan (GNE), which intends to change the perspective of government in the processes followed, has always focused on two factors: building capacity in government and educating citizens.

The plan, which has received government approval on May 18, 2006, has been formulated to create a solid foundation on which the e-government building could be built. The need for “good governance” is developed and institutional mechanisms, infrastructure and adequate policies are established to guarantee the rapid execution of key projects, both in the Center and in the State.

Major e-government projects in India
The initiative of India Digital was incubated to integrate the administration and citizens. The initiative has three main components: the creation of a digital infrastructure, providing digital and digital literacy services. In addition to targeting rural India with high-speed Internet networks, it also sets the goal of making public services accessible to people electronically and reducing paperwork.

The push m-Government of Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently invited stakeholders to consider the “first mobile”, which, he says, is a must for a successful implementation of e-government. Its emphasis on mobile governance must be seen as a major boost for India’s digital initiative. In addition, Modi has recently launched “Twitter Samvad” – a new service that will provide the government tweets of registered users every day. According to the initiative, tweets related to government services and developments will be delivered to those who register for the service.

E-Kranti: electronic delivery of services
To make use of more widespread computing, the NDA government plans to introduce interactive voice response systems to incorporate buyer and seller platforms through mobile applications. It is a step towards the creation of mobile phones for the management of agriculture. In addition to Kranti mail, there are eight pillars on which India’s digital initiative is centered, including broadband roads, the public Internet access program and the digital portfolio.

States that have implemented e-government
Bhoomi Project (Karnataka)
The Karnataka government has transformed the way land registries are maintained with the Bhoomi project. The digitization concept of land registries brought not only transparency, but also provided 6.7 million producers with direct access to 20 million records of rural land. Farmers have unrestricted access to their details on land through 177 newsagents throughout the state. In addition, the need to depend on intermediaries is eliminated.

Gyandoot (Madhya Pradesh)
This initiative the provision of intranet services was launched in Dhar district in January 2000. The aim was to provide information relevant to the rural population. This has served as an interface between the district administration and the people.

Lokvani Project (Uttar Pradesh)
This is a public-private partnership launched in November 2004 to provide the e-government solution for handling complaints, maintaining land registries and a mix of other essential services.

FRIENDS project (Kerala)
AMIGOS is synonymous with fast network, payment service, instantaneous and effective reliable. Regarded as the most popular e-government project, AMIGOS allows citizens to pay taxes and make necessary government transactions with ease.

E-Mitra Project (Rajasthan)
The project has been in operation since 2005. Its main objective is to ensure timely access to services for citizens belonging to all departments. Urban and rural citizens can have complete security security for their transactions. Instead of circulating in different departments, they can use an integrated electronic platform to receive services.

E-Seva (Andhra Pradesh)
The e-Seva initiative was a movement to provide services of “citizen government” and “e-Business to citizen”. All services are provided online to citizens by connecting to the respective departments.

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