The Buried News about Martellus Bennett and Donald Trump

Bennett and Donald Trump

The Buried News about Martellus Bennett and Donald Trump


As a hammer of reflexes in one knee, it is now mandatory that all comments that oppose the celebrity Donald Trump is returned 10,000 times. Early Monday afternoon, the late New England patriots, Martellus Bennett, were over 99 percent. 100 of the track.

“Patriots TE Martellus Bennett said he would not go to the White House in honor of the Super Bowl victory. He does not care what the owner thinks,” said Dallas Morning News reporter Brandon George. 9996 retweets and continues to increase: query.

Bennett has criticized the waiting president for the big game, which includes each year one of the most frenetic weeks in the sports media. By Dave Birkett, the Detroit Free Press writer, Bennett said last week that he would likely skip a tour of the White House, a great honor given to senior teams in the country. Bennett also supported the Black Lives Matter, participating in protests led by Colin Kaepernick of the National Anthem on Game Day and, jokingly, a detractor Kanye West for his association with Trump. “Then Kanye did not take the time to vote.And now he is in the cloak of Trump as Peter Pettigrew Lord Voldemort.Panye Pettigrew,” he wrote, he wrote in December, after the hip-hop artist has met the president Elected in Manhattan.

But Bennett has provided a deeper message than the signaling of virtue on the surface that has appeared in many titles in his commentary. Today, it is not this, in a CNN story:

Bennett said he was not “very concerned” about a potential game on tour by White House team owner Robert Kraft, and said he and his teammates avoided talking about politics in the locker room.

“You do not take it to work.We all have our beliefs.We accept people for who they are,” he said.
He said the same thing after the November election, only with a more colorful language. “Politics is obvious from the start, anyway,” he told reporters, a message that resonates with many, no doubt, politicians and voters. “So, I mean, we’re teammates.I’m not angry with the people.I believe in people.Maybe a bad thing, it can be a good thing, but I think people.What is their religion, ¿ What? The color you are, what you like to do in your free time, none of this does not bother me., As long as you are a good human being and we are together, I do not have.I do not care.I just want to interact with every Person, no matter what they believe or what they do.I’m not against anyone or any of that.I’m just around everybody.I promote growth and community.I’m not trying to split or someone apart, [in ] Types of people or something like that, that’s not what I do. ”

However, it is knowing what the Web culture has tried to do before Sunday to comb the owner of the Patriots Robert Kraft, head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady President, all are supporters of Trump to some extent – as villains Politicians as well as three offensive a monster head of a sports dynasty. Obviously Bennett himself did not accept.

At a Super Bowl press conference, Bennett interrupted Brady’s comments to the press with a raucous “Hello, Tom” somewhere off camera. Brady twisted, startled, and turned to the right. “Marty,” he stopped. “It scared me not.”

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