36 Hours in Birmingham, Ala.

36 Hours in Birmingham, Ala.

36 Hours in Birmingham, Ala.


Founded in 1871 at the junction of the railroad lines, Alabama’s largest city was used to move forward. Sandstone baked in stone and a partially tightened grain, Birmingham has blossomed so fast that it has earned the “Magic City” during the heyday of its iron craft. But this melting pot was also a pressure on racial tensions, eclipsed by a violent history of segregation and brutality against African Americans. Today, as you follow in the footsteps of protesters who changed the course of US history on the trail of civil rights heritage, lies a city that is experiencing an electrifying renaissance. Creative entrepreneurs return home, air lofts give new life to the city center and Southern cuisine achieves global achievements. Start of the first bicycle sharing program in the nation that includes electric pedal assisted pedal bikes, Birmingham is ready to surprise.

36 Hours in Birmingham, Alabama
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A group of eclectic merchants encourage Forest Park, a stately quarter of early twentieth century homes. The dynamic nude art gift shop challenges local artisans by storing items such as handmade pottery and delicate watercolors from local landmarks. The gallery also presents the impressions of the owner, VĂ©ronique Vanblaere, who was so enthralled with the city during its exchange year moved to Belgium in 1996. On the third Friday of each month, the shop’s partners with nearby companies such as Zoe’s record store at Forest Park and Little Savannah’s Bistro for the Loo Walk-In Closet, inviting guests to visit the bathroom transformed by artists into facilities that often remain for a month.

2) 6 P.M. Grub Street

Avondale, once a notable area of auto parts shops and service stations, is now an enclavable famous enclave restaurants concentrated around 41st Street. Upon returning home after periods of Per Se and Momofuku Ssam Bar, John Hall manages the Pizzeria of Wooden Post Office rooms inside the body. For a more local taste, try the excellent fried chicken rinsed in sweet tea and cooked to perfection a succulent and crunchy ($ 7.69) in the soul kitchen saw.

3) universal call 20:00

During the daytime, Saturn is a sweet meeting place for freelancers and graduate students who applaud a soundtrack ranging from Buddy Holly to the Pixies. At night, its vintage arcade games and modular space decor attracts revelers come together for a varied list of performances. On any given night, you can get an independent rock group concert, a variety show by a local burlesque company or a rigid bingo game led by a smart hosting host 1960s Recovered Chair.

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