The Southern Charms of Spain and Portugal

The Southern Charms of Spain and Portugal

The Southern Charms of Spain and Portugal


I was the official end of the world, standing among yellow wildflowers on the edge of a cliff, looking at the waters of Atlantic color: endless and exciting ceruleans cyan all imaginable shades.

The end of the world, that is, before he knew that the earth was round, Before Vasco da Gama came to India by sea and before Magellan will distribute the world, the southernmost point of what is now Portugal was Considered as the end of the known world. The Romans have called Cape St. Vincent Promontorium sacro (Holy promontory), water believed to suffocate the sun every night, while the fireball was placed in the ocean.

I arrived here through Seville, Spain, a great base to explore Andalusia and, on the other side of the border, in the south of Portugal. Only a few hours in the car can transport to the beautiful white buildings of Vejer de la Frontera or a sherry cellar, learning the subtleties of winemaking in the Sherry Triangle, with pristine beaches and breathtaking views in The cliffs nearby.

With the dollar still relatively strong, there is no better time to visit this nice part of the world and enjoy what it has to offer – with a little planning, your wallet will hardly be worse for wear.

My best hosts in the small Portuguese town Carrapateira were a Spanish couple, Ignacio Ybarra and Angela, my friends who keep a vacation home there. Ignacio explains why they loved holidays in southern Portugal is beautiful, cheap and relatively unknown. “It’s like the way it was in Spain,” he said.

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Carrapateira, less than three hours drive from Seville, is perfectly situated between two excellent beaches: Praia do Amado and Praia da Bordeira. The first is a conventional beach with surfers, food vendors and people watching from large crowds.

Bordeira, however, is where you want to be if you want to experience a relaxing and meditative beach. After the stunning scenes at Estrada da Praia, we crossed the Ribeira da Carrapateira to reach the beach (quite easy – it was just a drip). Ignacio and I have traveled along Bordeira, about two miles.

After the first mile or so, we did not meet anyone on the perfect white sand beach, except for a couple of campers in a tent near a cave. The only evidence that everyone was on the beach was the strange fishing buoy that let Ignacio go and put it in a plastic bag.

The rest of Carrapateira is modest but charming. Almost all houses are painted white or almost white, and offer decent accommodation options for tourists (I stopped quite Pensão das Dunas, with doubles from 25 to 55 euros – $ 28 to $ 62 per night, depending on the season) And at least a very good place to eat, Restaurante do Cabrita. The seafood is the specialty, of course, and at the same time it offers dishes such as grilled bass (€ 13.80) and fried sepia (€ 10.50) at reasonable prices, we were looking for something more out of the ordinary.

Laws in the Indian Constitution against Animal-Killing

Laws in the Indian Constitution

Laws in the Indian Constitution against Animal-Killing


According to the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972, enacted for the protection of wildlife, birds and plants, the act of hunting is “the capture, killing, poisoning, trapping or trapping of a wild animal” . In fact, hurting, damaging or stealing part of an animal’s body also constitutes a hunt. For wild birds and reptiles, “disturbing or damaging eggs or nests” is equivalent to hunting. The amendment to the law was applied in January 2003 and the penalties for the infringements were made stricter.

A first offender who hunts animals or changes the boundaries of a reserved forest area is liable to a minimum fine of Rs. 10,000 and at least three years of rigorous imprisonment. For a subsequent offense, the term of imprisonment can be extended to seven years with a minimum fine of Rs. 25,000. With the insertion of a new section, 51 A, the process of securing a bond is Become more difficult. According to this amendment, the accused will only receive a bond if the court finds “reasonable grounds” to believe that the individual is not guilty.

The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (PCA), 1960
The 1960 Animal Cruelty Prevention Act was promulgated to prevent the infliction of unnecessary pain in animals. Section 11 makes it clear that causing damage to an animal during transport is a recognized offense. Attachment to livestock in overcrowded vehicles is illegal in accordance with this Act. In fact, injecting any damage and serving toxic foods is also illegal. Such a violation of Article 11 calls for a penalty of Rs. 100 and / or up to three months’ imprisonment.

Indian Criminal Code
According to articles 428 and 429 of the Indian Penal Code, it is illegal to mutilate or injure an animal. Acts like throwing acid on cows, hurting street dogs and cats also invite a punishment that, in a way, serves as a reserve for many reckless drivers on the road. The Code also makes it illegal for cars to hurt or kill dogs, cats and cows on the street. Offenders are handed over to the local animal protection group or police station. In addition, a criminal case is filed against them. A minimum penalty of Rs. 2000 and / or up to five years of imprisonment is awarded to the perpetrators.

Animal testing of cosmetic banned in India
In 2014, India introduced a nationwide ban on cosmetics for animal testing. The ban on animal testing makes it illegal to use chemicals on their skin or give them lethal doses. In addition, any medical or research institute may not remove stray animals from the streets for testing purposes. To report cases of illegal tests on animals, which cause “considerable suffering” to animals, a national helpline has also been launched.

E-government initiatives in India

E-government initiatives in India

E-government initiatives in India


The National eGovernment Plan (GNE), which intends to change the perspective of government in the processes followed, has always focused on two factors: building capacity in government and educating citizens.

The plan, which has received government approval on May 18, 2006, has been formulated to create a solid foundation on which the e-government building could be built. The need for “good governance” is developed and institutional mechanisms, infrastructure and adequate policies are established to guarantee the rapid execution of key projects, both in the Center and in the State.

Major e-government projects in India
The initiative of India Digital was incubated to integrate the administration and citizens. The initiative has three main components: the creation of a digital infrastructure, providing digital and digital literacy services. In addition to targeting rural India with high-speed Internet networks, it also sets the goal of making public services accessible to people electronically and reducing paperwork.

The push m-Government of Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently invited stakeholders to consider the “first mobile”, which, he says, is a must for a successful implementation of e-government. Its emphasis on mobile governance must be seen as a major boost for India’s digital initiative. In addition, Modi has recently launched “Twitter Samvad” – a new service that will provide the government tweets of registered users every day. According to the initiative, tweets related to government services and developments will be delivered to those who register for the service.

E-Kranti: electronic delivery of services
To make use of more widespread computing, the NDA government plans to introduce interactive voice response systems to incorporate buyer and seller platforms through mobile applications. It is a step towards the creation of mobile phones for the management of agriculture. In addition to Kranti mail, there are eight pillars on which India’s digital initiative is centered, including broadband roads, the public Internet access program and the digital portfolio.

States that have implemented e-government
Bhoomi Project (Karnataka)
The Karnataka government has transformed the way land registries are maintained with the Bhoomi project. The digitization concept of land registries brought not only transparency, but also provided 6.7 million producers with direct access to 20 million records of rural land. Farmers have unrestricted access to their details on land through 177 newsagents throughout the state. In addition, the need to depend on intermediaries is eliminated.

Gyandoot (Madhya Pradesh)
This initiative the provision of intranet services was launched in Dhar district in January 2000. The aim was to provide information relevant to the rural population. This has served as an interface between the district administration and the people.

Lokvani Project (Uttar Pradesh)
This is a public-private partnership launched in November 2004 to provide the e-government solution for handling complaints, maintaining land registries and a mix of other essential services.

FRIENDS project (Kerala)
AMIGOS is synonymous with fast network, payment service, instantaneous and effective reliable. Regarded as the most popular e-government project, AMIGOS allows citizens to pay taxes and make necessary government transactions with ease.

E-Mitra Project (Rajasthan)
The project has been in operation since 2005. Its main objective is to ensure timely access to services for citizens belonging to all departments. Urban and rural citizens can have complete security security for their transactions. Instead of circulating in different departments, they can use an integrated electronic platform to receive services.

E-Seva (Andhra Pradesh)
The e-Seva initiative was a movement to provide services of “citizen government” and “e-Business to citizen”. All services are provided online to citizens by connecting to the respective departments.

Canada rules that all new cellphones must be unlocked

Canada rules

Canada rules that all new cellphones must be unlocked


Canadians pay some of the highest wireless speed in any G7 country and, to top it all off, often pay $ 50 or more to unlock cell phones when switching to operators. However, the country’s remote control, the CRTC, has now ordered the carriers to unlock the free devices and decreed that all new smartphones sold are unlocked. The measure was prompted by over-criticism of the public price of rescue after the CRTC has requested comments on the new wireless standards.

“It’s called a” Rescue Fee “or” Fee Fee “in any other business,” one person wrote, as the CBC points out. “It’s unbelievable that the government allowed these companies to extort money that way!” Telecommunications have succeeded in getting the credit of $ 37.5 million ($ 28.5 million) in unlocking, a 75% increase since 2014.

Carriers did not agree with the CRTC, saying that “we believe it is more appropriate for people who actually unlock their device carrying the cost of the release,” said Howard Slawner, Rogers vice president. However, it is not mentioned that carriers are those that contain the first devices, and in any case, the CRTC also banned.

With a new federal government in place, Canada’s CRTC seems to favor Internet laws more friendly. It recently failed against a free “zero rate” carrier Videotron, which many critics believe violates the principle of net neutrality. Instead of creating difficult rules, however, the regulator defines a “framework” and decides on possible violations in individual cases. However, the United States FCC under Ajit Pai wants to override the rules of consumer network neutrality established by Tom Wheeler under the Obama administration.

To give you an idea of ​​how many Canadians outperforms the radio, it is actually cheaper for me, a Canadian living in Paris to expat, to carry the French SIM card when I visit. The free shuttle service in France costs only € 20 per month (around $ 30 CA) without a contract and includes a large amount of routing data of 25 GB per month in Canada and the United States, with free calls and texts in these countries (O) France. If I was going to buy and use a local SIM card on my unlocked phone, it would cost much more and much less give me.

The Patriots Just Made Parenting Harder

The Patriots Just Made Parenting Harder

The Patriots Just Made Parenting Harder


I do not know about you, but I still retire Sunday night.

Inexplicably, my 8 year old son has become a superfain patriots. It is essentially a miniature version of Tommy Quinzee. Over the first three quarters he insisted the empanadas could still come back. And I, from Philadelphia, was trying to explain the facts of life: no one has recovered from a 25-point Super Bowl drawdown. The Patriots were not going to score 19 unanswered points in the fourth. Atlanta, who was the best team of that day. This becomes a sports fan, this is the heart and invites misery to his world on a regular basis because tragedies exceed happy purposes 10 to 1. Even for great teams.

The lesson I took to grow as an Eagles fan was that for some people, there was no happy ending. Already.

And that’s what happened. I do not know what they call when Super Bowl Li goes from being a simple new mythology. The return? The miracle of Houston? The Boston TD Party?

All I know is that he has undermined all the lessons I have tried to teach my son and put him in his place to impossible expectations for the rest of his sporting life. Imagine your world if the first time you saw a Super Bowl was this game? It’s all downhill from there.

In a sense, it pities me. But maybe it’s better this way. The cold reality reaches the highest when he retires Brady and Belichick recalled in Netherworld. Then my son will be ready to live the real desolation and futility sports Fandome. Hate will flow through him. And I’m going to teach you how to pack a snowball around a D cell. It’s your inheritance.

The Buried News about Martellus Bennett and Donald Trump

Bennett and Donald Trump

The Buried News about Martellus Bennett and Donald Trump


As a hammer of reflexes in one knee, it is now mandatory that all comments that oppose the celebrity Donald Trump is returned 10,000 times. Early Monday afternoon, the late New England patriots, Martellus Bennett, were over 99 percent. 100 of the track.

“Patriots TE Martellus Bennett said he would not go to the White House in honor of the Super Bowl victory. He does not care what the owner thinks,” said Dallas Morning News reporter Brandon George. 9996 retweets and continues to increase: query.

Bennett has criticized the waiting president for the big game, which includes each year one of the most frenetic weeks in the sports media. By Dave Birkett, the Detroit Free Press writer, Bennett said last week that he would likely skip a tour of the White House, a great honor given to senior teams in the country. Bennett also supported the Black Lives Matter, participating in protests led by Colin Kaepernick of the National Anthem on Game Day and, jokingly, a detractor Kanye West for his association with Trump. “Then Kanye did not take the time to vote.And now he is in the cloak of Trump as Peter Pettigrew Lord Voldemort.Panye Pettigrew,” he wrote, he wrote in December, after the hip-hop artist has met the president Elected in Manhattan.

But Bennett has provided a deeper message than the signaling of virtue on the surface that has appeared in many titles in his commentary. Today, it is not this, in a CNN story:

Bennett said he was not “very concerned” about a potential game on tour by White House team owner Robert Kraft, and said he and his teammates avoided talking about politics in the locker room.

“You do not take it to work.We all have our beliefs.We accept people for who they are,” he said.
He said the same thing after the November election, only with a more colorful language. “Politics is obvious from the start, anyway,” he told reporters, a message that resonates with many, no doubt, politicians and voters. “So, I mean, we’re teammates.I’m not angry with the people.I believe in people.Maybe a bad thing, it can be a good thing, but I think people.What is their religion, ¿ What? The color you are, what you like to do in your free time, none of this does not bother me., As long as you are a good human being and we are together, I do not have.I do not care.I just want to interact with every Person, no matter what they believe or what they do.I’m not against anyone or any of that.I’m just around everybody.I promote growth and community.I’m not trying to split or someone apart, [in ] Types of people or something like that, that’s not what I do. ”

However, it is knowing what the Web culture has tried to do before Sunday to comb the owner of the Patriots Robert Kraft, head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady President, all are supporters of Trump to some extent – as villains Politicians as well as three offensive a monster head of a sports dynasty. Obviously Bennett himself did not accept.

At a Super Bowl press conference, Bennett interrupted Brady’s comments to the press with a raucous “Hello, Tom” somewhere off camera. Brady twisted, startled, and turned to the right. “Marty,” he stopped. “It scared me not.”

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