How to choose a logo designer

How to choose a logo designer

How to choose a logo designer

With a multitude of options, it can be difficult to find the right designer for your specific needs. Here is a guide to help you choose the best option when choosing a design logo. These points could also be helpful when hiring a web designer, a graphic designer or a designer for the case.

I do not want this issue to be considered self-promotion, but I’ve linked my own examples to show how I personally communicate to potential clients the value of my design work. For other designers, I hope this will give you an idea of how you can communicate the value of your work.

In no particular order:


1. Experience

Earlier identity projects will give you a good idea of the skill level of your designer and what to expect, but that does not mean that a new designer can not produce superior results. This point should be considered with all the other points mentioned below, in which case a strong portfolio is probably the best indicator.

For examples of quality design identity, see the logo of the day, where Jeff Fisher and I have a talented new logo every day.

2. Positive testimonials

Do you have positive testimonials from past clients and colleagues?

Be sure to check the validity of the tests that can be performed by searching on a web address or even by sending an email to the company. It is a good idea to check if the company still exists.

3. A meticulous design process

Do they have a logo design process that they follow or do they simply produce logos like fast food? A typical process does not take less than 48 hours to complete, which is why I wrote the article How not to design a logo that tells you to avoid design competition, logo manufacturers, etc.

Think about how long the logo design will be used – do you want to be designed (and even less desirable) in less than 48 hours? The logo design is not a grocery store and takeaway food so the logo design does not cost $ 5.00.

There is no “typical” schedule, because each client has different needs, but for small and medium-sized companies, an approximate guide is 2 to 6 weeks.

4. Prizes won / published work

Have they won prizes for their work? Is the work published in books or magazines? How do you recognize yourself in the industry?

5. A solid portfolio

What is the strength of your wallet? What is the actual composition of the “fake” logo? When I say “fake logos,” I mean logos made by fictitious companies, rather than real customers.

Drops of ink

6. Price

Service costs are usually obvious what you will receive. In most cases, you get what you pay for, but do not take the price as the only indicator.

How much does it cost to design a logo? In my experience, this is the most frequent and the most difficult question to answer. This is because each company has different needs … the best approach is to create a customized offer for each individual customer.

7. Design affiliations

Are affiliated design associations or publications? This is a good indication of how dedicated they are to their craft, it is by no means essential.

For example, I am a member of the ANPP – The National Association of Professional Photoshop Logo Salon, an online gallery for professional logo design. Other affiliations could be AIGA, how or even a local design group.

8. Great customer service

Respond quickly to your emails? How do they communicate and have? A designer should provide excellent customer service throughout the process, from initial email to after-sales service.

9. professionalism

Attention to detail, reliability, communication skills and time management are vital and go hand in hand with excellent customer service.

10. The right questions

A designer should ask several questions to determine their needs based on their business goals. The questions should revolve around the history of the company, the target market, competitors, business objectives, etc. For an example of the questions, check out my questionnaire for logo design.

Here’s How to Make Photography Fun Again

Here's How to Make Photography Fun Again

Here’s How to Make Photography Fun Again


Like any job or hobby, photography can become a routine.

With the daily demands of life and work, you may find yourself in trouble with creativity. You may also find yourself totally devoid of desire to pick up your camera.

I should not say that it is not a good situation, especially if you use the camera to make money.

What you need to do is make photography again, so that these creative juices and learn to appreciate photography as a new art form.

Here are three easy ways to do this …

Make it easier

Moneymaker2 image min

“Make it easier” means a couple of different things.

First of all, photography will be a lot more fun if you do not have to work so hard to get good shots.

As has been said, work better, no more!

One way to do this is to provide photographic accessories that make the image an easier task.

Enter the Holdfast Moneymaker.


If you have been a photographer for a while to understand how inconvenient it is to take your camera (let alone several cameras) using sensitive and uncomfortable camera straps supplied with the camera body.

The Moneymaker swap, because as a double-strap system, you can distribute the weight of your equipment on both shoulders, allowing for a more comfortable shooting experience.

On the other hand, Moneymaker keeps the cameras (up to three) for its reach.

With a smooth and intuitive movement, you can boost your camera and take a quick photo.

The way your cameras cling to Moneymaker also means that they are much safer. Instead of clinging to your hip, you are right on the chest – out of the way, so do not bump into people or objects while walking.

Moneymaker1 image min

These things are ridiculously beautiful, too. It’s just an extra bonus!

The second aspect of “making it easier” is comfort.

These terrific factory made belts that come with cameras do nothing to make you experience rolling for overtime.

But Moneymaker was specifically designed to address this concern.

With a variety of materials to choose from – including the ultra comfortable American Leather Bison option – you get a harness fit to your body.

As previously reported, Moneymaker also distributes the weight evenly on his equipment on his shoulders so he can roll longer with less fatigue.

If that does not make the nude photography again, I do not know what this is going to do!

Try the movie

Photo IStock-510005540.jpg

I met the other day a photographer – a kid who just started – who has incredible talent. I have no doubt that he will do great things.

But the man never turned on the movie!

It suffered from my mind, perhaps because I am older now.

Other than that, it made me fall because filming the movie is a great learning experience.

With a limited number of shots, you need to slow down, think about composition, framing, lighting and camera settings for best results.

There is no LCD screen to sing your photos, there are no immediate comments to fear. I think it helps you get more involved in the process. On the other hand, it is less stressful!


And then you really have to wait to see the results …

It was always the best part for me in the day. I could not wait to get my lab impressions to see how it turned out.

The movie is also fun because you have nothing to post-process.

Of course, treatment can be fun at times. But it usually ends up being something else that needs to be done during the day.

Instead of spending an hour and three hour shootings processing the images, you can spend a few hours filming, leave the lab to do your business and have one more hour to take more pictures.

That sounds fun!

See more reasons why you have to shoot a movie in the video above by Mattias Burling.

Try a different type

Photo IStock-511120182.jpg

Nothing that gets out of routine and have fun with your camera like trying something new …

Landscape photography has always been my passion. In fact, I would say 90 percent. 100 photos I have on my hard drives are the landscapes.


5 Things You Need to Know About Tripods Before You Buy One

5 Things You Need to Know About Tripods

5 Things You Need to Know About Tripods Before You Buy One


Buying a tripod can seem like an easy task compared to buying, for example, a camera or a lens.

After all, tripods are all the same, are not they?

False …

There are a variety of tripods to choose from, but you need to understand the features that you need or you are helpful before you buy.

It is also helpful to know what to look for so you can buy a high quality tripod that will last you for years to come.

Using the Vanguard Alta Pro 263CT + 2 as an example, let’s go over some of the most important things you need to ask you about tripods before you buy.

Is it versatile?

Vanguardaltapro263 image

Some tripods are specially designed for items like portraiture.

They are larger, heavier, and therefore more difficult to transport.

Others are designed to sit on a table or other horizontal surface with a quick shot with a smartphone or a point-and-shoot camera.

And while this type of tripod has its virtues, they are not as versatile as they could be.

Vanguardaltapro263angles image

This is why I recommend you look for a tripod that can do everything.

Vanguard High Pro 263CT + 2 is such a tripod.

Its legs have four different positioning angles so you can have a higher perspective on your subject at 20 degrees, then remove the tripod with an 80 degree angle leg for a low shot.

In addition, it is made of carbon fiber, so it is not only built as a tank, but also lightweight.

This means that you do not have to handle a ton of extra weight if you are photographing landscapes, but it is still very difficult to work for portraits and other images that do not require a lot of travel.

Is it easy to set up?

Vanguardaltapro263leglasses image

One mistake that many photographers are at the beginning (I include myself) is to buy a cheap tripod, thinking it is as good as the top quality ones.

But apart from a much poorer design and construction quality, cheap tripods are a must to implement.

Not with Vanguard Alta Pro 263CT + 2 …

With a quick action setting, you can make the loan and loan with the camera mounted tripod and finger on the trigger for a few seconds.

The tripod also has a quick locking system, which means it can quickly spread the tripod legs and lock in place.

The faster you can set up your tripod, the faster you are ready to shoot. Buying a well designed and easy to use tripod will help you do that.

Are there any features that will help you get the shot?

Vanguardaltapro263features photo

A good tripod does not sit alone to stabilize the camera.

Instead, your tripod should include features that will help you get shot, whether you photograph a person or a tree.

Vanguard Alta Pro 263CT + 2 has many features …

There is a built-in bubble level, so you are sure that your funds are fine and easy.

The tripod also has a central column hook so you can hang your bag from the camera to act as ballast when the wind starts.

Add inclined rubber feet to support the ground and uneven grip and do not slip, TPU handles all weather conditions on two legs, and you have the necessary items for a tripod to help you get the shots you want, without Import the conditions.

Is it operable?

Vanguardaltapro263folded1 image

Some tripods weigh a ton.

Other tripods are huge, even when tilted.

Other tripods do very little bit, but they do not have the carrying capacity to hold much more than a point-and-shoot camera.

This is not the case with the Vanguard Alta Pro 263CT + 2.

At only 3.6 pounds, the tripod is light as a feather, which means it will not be taxed for carrying a large tripod.

In addition, although it can be extended to a huge height of 63 inches when folded, it should not exceed 24 inches in height. Again, this facilitates transportation.

But Vanguard has also ensured that this tripod can carry a heavy load. With a capacity of more than 15 books, you can be sure that you can mount the DSLR zoom and worry-free step of the tripod.

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